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No shortage of smiles in this rainbow top with iridescent tiny sequins. 

The fit is loose and slightly boxey.  We recommend wearing a tank or cami under. 

You won't need too much jewelry - but some great oversized earring studs will do the trick - after all your top is the shining star!

We are in love with this unique top - but it does require gentle care.  With extra care you can expect to have this top for many years.  It is a true statement.

What's special about this piece:

  • Iridescent sequins
  • Poly

Wearing Care:

  • Drape jackets over - as you risk pulling sequins.
  • Do not lean against walls, railings, etc... you risk pulling sequins
  • If you see a loose string - do not pull it - trim it with scissors.

Laundry Care:

  • Tip: use a small amount of spray deodorant on inside shirt armpit.
    • This should give you a couple of wears before needing wash.
  • Highly recommend - a sink wash.  Fill sink with detergent - let shirt sit for a bit (20min) and drain.  Fill with fresh water/rinse and hang dry in tub or outside and let the water drip - do not ring.  Or you can lay flat on towel to dry. 

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